Technology Talent Search

Technology search is our strength.

We’ve been in the business of identifying, selecting, and securing, technology executives and experts for our clients since 1986.

Being in business for that long says a whole lot about us.

Our customers run the gamut, in size, from Global 50 firms to technology start-ups. Over eighty per cent of our business comes from current clients or referrals they make.

The individuals we place are tops in their fields. We meet many of them via referrals and through introductions. We seek them out because someone we know and whose work we respect tells us great things about them. We scour our databases and the web for individuals who led or participated in achieving remarkable things. And we build relationships with them.

What does this mean for Brilliant Leap clients?

Our clients have instant access to relationships that we've spent a long time in developing. While others in our industry troll through job boards hoping to find keyword hits, we think about who we know, what they know, and how they might fit into your organization.

We look for the people that you need and who you’ll want to hire, rather than hoping that someone who is looking for a job might meet your requirements.

While we begin with matching and evaluating hard-skills, we make sure that there’s also a soft-skill and cultural fit. And, of course, we go to great lengths to work closely with potential job candidates to insure that they believe your opportunity represents a professional and personal fit for them.  Under what other circumstances would they come to work every day giving you the best they have to offer.

While we’re tempted to rattle off a list of the companies and individuals we’ve worked with, the more recent agreements we’ve made with our customers have asked us not to broadcast news of our relationships without having a very good, very specific reason. If there’s something you need to know in that regard, give us a call.

And we invite you to reach out to us regardless.

Senior Partner, Virginia Backaitis can be reached at 973-744-8164 or via e-mail at  Managing Partner Stuart Zeh can be reached at 973-785-9009 or at