Are you ready to impact the world in a good way?

Fast forward into the future, it's 2025.

Someone, maybe your kid, your mother, even a stranger, asks you what you did during the pivotal years of your life.

Where did you choose to make your mark when you could have any job you wanted?

If it's at the company you're working at now, then quit reading about current opportunities and go make your mark. This should be your time to impact the world in a very big way.

But if, instead, you're the kind of person who wakes up each day eager to solve big, important and interesting problems  and you’re up to the challenge, let's have a chat.

We've been retained by some of the most interesting organizations in the world to recruit and select data scientists to help create products and technologies that will help shape tomorrow's world.

At present, we're eager to talk to top-tier data scientists who are well-versed in data mining, algorithms, statistical analysis, computational NLP or Machine Learning and Big Data.

To learn more, please e-mail your resume or a link to your Linkedin profile to and then follow-up with a call to 973-744-8164.