We believe that today’s data revolution is creating a new economy, one which presents new opportunities, products, services and jobs.

We're keenly interested in participating in this development by identifying the talent that this new economy will require by bringing it together with the companies that are prepared to leverage it.

Call us an executive search firm, a consulting firm, or a source for project based experts- the bottom line is that we are the talent scouts for the digital world. 

We place data strategists, data scientists, data architects and exceptional Java developers; corporate managers; data designers, data managers and storytellers; Map Reduce and Hadoop engineers; analytics experts, math geeks and statistics fanatics, as well as those who can package, position, market, sell or oversee the development of data products. And if you're in the Life Science company, we know your market too.

When you need the best talent, talk to us.

If you’re one of the best minds in this technology age, then we're your connection for the most compelling gigs - be they salaried positions or consulting assignments. 

And though we’re happy to meet you when you’re looking to make a change, the best time to get to know us, and for us to get to know you, is now. That way, when the time comes, we’ll have the insights we need to introduce you to clients and challenges based on your particular interests, needs and desires; and the information we need to negotiate for the compensation that you deserve. 

If you’re anything like the people we’ve worked with over the past twenty-five years, you’ll change employers and clients many times. Your relationship with us can be a constant. Eighty percent of the individuals and organizations we’ve worked with over the past twenty-five years work with us today; we’ve earned their trust and respect by delivering results over and over again. 

Whether you’re a data expert, or a company in search talent, talk to us.  We answer our phones, we return calls, we read e-mail, we go to industry gatherings and we publish not only our blog, but all over the web and in print.